What Toy is the Best for Your Dog and Why

Some dogs like chewing, some like catching up and some like snatching. You should consider well before you choose a toy your dog will really love to play with. You surely remember, what a disappointment a given doll was, while you had been dreaming of a big Teddy bear. With the dogs, it's just the same.


Choose fiber toys, firm bones and rubber toys. If your dog is an extreme chewer, pick solid rubber balls or toys made of thick caoutchouc or plastic. Too soft toys won't do, because your dog will destroy them at once, while the rests will be swallowed, which is rather dangerous.

For elderly dogs, choose toys of soft latex. The same will be good for little puppies, if they are not too big chewing fans.

Solid ball for dogs who love chewing

Catching Up

Of course these games are better played outdoors. Frisbee can be a good option. The plates are made of plastic as well as of soft rubber, latex and even fabric. Soft plates are better, as they are not harmful for the dog's teeth and gums. You can also throw various kinds of ropes, which fulfill another important function: they clean the dog's teeth.

Carrying and being Praised
Your dog loves carrying something in his mouth? Choose soft toys. Toys with sound effects will entertain the dog, when he is left on his own.

Solid rubber ball with a bell inside 

Figure Out and Eat

Actually all dogs love eating. If you don't feed them beforehand. Did you notice how they distinguish regular food from delicacy they have earned? The latter means much more for the dogs. Let your dog enjoy its merited dainty. There are even special toys for this purpose, the so called boredom killers or interactive toys. These toys are made so that the dog has to puzzle, how to get the food out of it.

And some more tips
Through away old, chewed toys as soon as you notice they are spoiled.
Combine different kinds of toys with trainings to avoid behavior issues.
If you don't want your dog to get bored, buy about five toys alternate them. Don't show all the toys at once.

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