Dog Harness Moisture-Resistant, Lightweight K9 of Strong Nylon

Hello, I want to tell about my experience with sport harness. Everything is perfect with shipping even in spite of its time (almost 14 days). I had been thinking about ordering this harness or not for a long time because I couldn't try it on and I was worrying about the size. Front chest strap is still a bit large as my Cocker Spaniel with weight of 12 kg is little graceful. But there is enough space and the strap doesn't rub when my girl doesn't pulls...and she does this gladly. So, the harness is of excellent fit. I like that the back ring is loose, thus the leash can hang on the side and the harness doesn't slide. I use the front ring mainly for bikejoring. It is a bit inconvenient that the ring is placed a little remoted. Generally, I'm pleased and will order more products.

Gaby, Westermoor, Germany, 11/01/2016
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