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Dog Muzzles UK

Buy dog muzzle UK for any purpose and weather! Our dog muzzles are widely used by police, K9, guard and military units all over the world. We offer dog muzzles for walking, training, service work, vet visiting and canine socializing. We use only top-quality materials for our dog muzzles producing. The muzzles are made according to muzzle structure of every breed. All that you need is to measure your dog's muzzle carefully using the instruction for dog muzzle sizing and to fill all the measurements in the attributes during ordering. We are always ready to exchange the muzzle if it doesn't fit your dog. We offer prompt global shipping from the producer directly!
Contact us via our e-mail about wholesale or if you have any questions. Our support team is always ready to give answers to your questions and to help you in choosing and ordering the best equipment in our online store!
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Buy Dog Muzzle UK for Your Pet's Safety and Comfort!

Many dog owners ask the question: "Why get a dog muzzle?" First of all, this is because of the law in many countries, which requires the dog to be muzzled in public places. Second, dog muzzle is an indispensible part of working dog gear. Third, the dog can't be trained for attack and agitation work without the muzzle, because it keeps the canine from injuries and traumas. Fourthly, the muzzle helps to cope with such behavioral problems, as biting, picking up and eating from the ground. The muzzle is an essential tool for dog walking, training and socializing. Our dog muzzles are of various types and materials. We have dog muzzles for professional use and for everyday activities. Wide range of models and sizes allows to pick out the muzzle for any dog breed!

Dog Muzzle UK

Key qualities of our dog muzzles: super comfortable and safe construction, felt-lined nose area, adjustable straps, classic or quick-release buckle to your choice, perfect ventilation, non-toxic materials. Your dog will be able to lick its nose and to pant with the muzzle on. Our dog muzzles for training and work are maximum convenient for canines. Everyday muzzles are light-weighted not to discomfort the dog. We made our muzzles with love because every dog should feel comfy being muzzled.

If you don't know what kind of dog muzzle to choose for the first time, we may offer you our bestseller models. They are leather dog muzzle (M41) and wire dog muzzle (M4).

Leather dog muzzle for every breed is a universal model for daily use. It is handcrafted of well-oiled, thick and strong genuine leather. The muzzle has mesh design for maximum ventilation. Nose area is padded with felt to avoid rubbing. The construction of the muzzle is very durable and safe for your dog to wear. Don't forget to take care of leather muzzle for dogs with special balsam to serve the accessory for a long time, to avoid leather drying and to make it look always like new.

Doberman Muzzle

Wire dog muzzle is practical, all-weather outfit, which allows your pet even drink being muzzled! Special strong metallic construction maintains the shape and assures long life for the muzzle. Your dog can bark and open its mouth freely being with this muzzle. Light weight, comfort and safety are what your dog needs to walk and train with the muzzle on!

How to buy a muzzle for a dog?

1. Size your dog according to the scheme you'll see in every product.

2. Fill all the measurements you got in the attributes at the top of the page.

3. Contact us if the muzzle doesn't fit your dog. Our support staff will solve any issue in the best way!

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