Bestseller! Leather Dog Collar with Handle for Agitation

This collar does not act as a choker when jerking. It is rather like a wide scarf and the dog feels more control due to its girth. A wide collar can be fastened more freely if desired and the dog will not feel hot with it, the neck will be ventilated, but it is impossible to slip out of the collar. The handle is worth mentioning as a separate point. This is an incredibly successful solution that interested me a long time ago, and I did it justice at the first use. A large dog tried to attack us while his owner was away. I grabbed the handle and an amazing thing happened, my dog seemed to be a totally different, she did not spoil for a fight, but took her guard and roared at the dog, keeping him from coming closer. Then the owner came. I felt some kind of unity with her at that moment, we were the one. Perhaps she felt the same, felt my unwillingness to get involved in the showdown. It was cool! Communication with the owner is the basis of everything and this handle works cooler than the leash in such situations. And my dog is wayward when it comes to security. There will be no time to change her mind if she decides to guard. So the handle gives reliable control and the ability to walk a large and active dog in public or to hold it securely and to calm down when there are many irritants. The handle is very comfortable, rounded, does not cut the palm and is tough enough to grasp it quickly it to hold the "elephant" so that it does not move about at the wrong moment.

Tatiana, Kremenchug, Ukraine, 02/10/2021
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