How to Measure Your Dog to Buy the Right Harness

How to Measure Your Dog to Buy the Right Harness

Before you buy a harness for your dog, make sure you have measured it right. It is done with a tape measure that must not slack while measuring. Try to make your dog stand straight. In order to measure the sizes of all harnesses, excluding sledge harnesses, you should take 3 main measures:

  • the length from the top of shoulder to the bottom of the tail;

  • chest girth in the widest place behind the forepaws. Add 2 cm for lean-body;

  • neck girth: the measure should be taken at the location of the dog collar.

The following 2 measures are taken for sledge harnesses:

  • the distance between the top of shoulder (A) and the breastbone (B), the latter located between the forepaws;

  • from the B-point (the breastbone) to the last point of the brisket (C) and connect from the side with the bottom of the tail (D).

While choosing a harness not only the size, but also the weight and the temperament of your dog should be born in mind. E.g. you should pick safe harnesses made of firm material (leather, braided lace) with steel spring hooks and safe bracing for big and middle dogs. Check junction of the rings thoroughly before buying, better don’t choose models with split rings. On the contrary, the firmness of the harness is not that important for little and lap dogs that usually are tender, fragile and calm. You should pay more attention to the weight and quality of the product. The lighter and softer the material is the better.

Nylon an velour harnesses are the best choice for little dogs. Harnesses suit for the dogs with short muzzles – little bulldogs, pug-dogs, Chihuahua – better than dog collars, because they can breathe more easily with harnesses due to their physiological features. For short-muzzle dogs, velour harnesses are the best choice too.

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