Border Collie

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Border Collie

You can find a great selection of K9 equipment for Border Collie at our online pet store!
We produce dog supplies accordingly to your highly active pet's body structure. Each product page has a measurement scheme that will help you to choose the right size of a dog accessory for your Bordie. Dog harnesses for Border Collie are produced of nylon or leather to give your pet maximum comfort and freedom during active games or training. Your lively dog will be under your reliable control with our designer dog collars. Choose one be preference! Wean your dog from picking up from the ground with one of our dog muzzles.
If you have any questions or advice our Customer Happiness Team will be happy to get a message from you and help you.
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Border Collie is a highly intelligent dog. It is considered to be the smartest breed in the world according to some sources. They were bred for herding livestock, but now they make good family dogs. But if you have decided to adopt Bordie, you should be ready to give it daily load and exercises.

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Therapy Dog Harness
Bestseller Dog Training Harness for Border Collie

Steer your dog's energy in the right direction playing and training. Without necessary mental and physical stimulation your Border Collie can become bored and show destructive behaviour, such as wall and furniture chewing, scrapping and hole digging. If you are ready to spend a lot of time with your pet, Bordies can show their best in agility, dog freestyle, dog flyball. Choose a dog toy to develop your Border Collie mentally and physically:

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Dog Ball UK Made of Foam RubberDog Mental Stimulation Toy of Medium Size for Middle
CanineDog Frisbee Disk for Active Games and Training Even in

Border Collie is genetically programmed to herd, it can chase moving objects like cars and bikes. Such a behaviour can be controlled with training. You should walk your dog on a lead while correction period to eliminate accidents.

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Leather Dog Leash with Handle UK
Walk Your Border Collie with Confidence

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