Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Relations with Your Dog Is a Foundation of Positive Dog Training

Stable relations between a dog and its owner create the most significant advantage of positive dog training. You establish these relations rewarding your dog for those actions you want the dog to do. As soon as the dog understands that it will get a treat or a toy for the actions you reward, it takes an active part in training process. The dog becomes an active and thinking partner and not a robot, the main task of which is to avoid punishment.

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Good and Trust Relations Serve a Basic of Successful Training

Positive dog training helps you to make a new glance at relations with your dog. This method of dog training helps you both to learn collaboration and team work. If you build confident relationships with the dog, concern attentively to its needs, the dog will pay you back with attention and desire to be trained.

Here are five main principles of positive dog training:

1. Your dog is your partner.

2. Nothing is given for free in the life. But a reward is deserved.

3. The time for dog feeding is an opprtunity for training.

4. Your dog is a living being with its own needs.

5. Communication is a two-sided process.

Your dog is your partner.

Good relations are built on trust, communication and mutual respect. They are never built on fear and humiliation. You have to communicate with your dog at the language it understands and apply to the pet as to a team member. Many people consider the dog has to run all the commands implicintly. They think a bit of training classes will be enough for the dog to understand everytning and to do all it's said to do, and if not - it's stubborn and wilful dog. Dogs are clever, but not perfect. They are born without knowledge of what people want for them. Dogs have to be trained with methods they understand. The dog is not your subordinate and you're not its boss, you're partners.

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Everything is Great When You Understand Each Other!

Use every minute to spend with your dog for training. Remember that all our actions have influence on our dogs and relations are built not only during training, but also in everyday life.

Nothing is given for free in the life.

The dog will become a good student when it understands that you always help and lead it in a certain direction. First, you have to teach your dog, is that it can earn what it wants. The dog should understand that nothing is given for free, but doing what it's asked for, the dog can get everytning it needs or wants. The sense is in keeping the rules of the game as for you so as for the dog. The rule for your dog is to say "please" doing what you've asked for, f.e. run your command (sit, lie etc.) before it gets food, treat, or walk. Don't ignore these moments - there are great opprtunities for training.

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The main important moments for dogs, whether it's food, treat or game, should be used to reinforce the desired actions. The dog, which should earn, would gladly collaborate with the owner. The best way to control the dog's behaviour is to control the resources. You have to understand what attracts your dog's attention most of all and to use it during training.

The time for dog feeding is an opprtunity for training.

Feed your dog in a certain time instead of making dog food available at any time. Such dog feeding has a number of advantages, for example, you know exactly when and how much your dog eats and you can control the quantity of dog food for healthy weight maintenance.

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The time of dog eating is very important for dog training, the dog treat is much more attractive before eating, than after. So train your dog before the main feeding. Training before feeding a very effective way to build the relations with a dog, to show that you control resources and you are ready share them in exchange on the correct dog's behavior.


Your dog is a living being with its own needs.

Always remember that your dog is a living, thinking and feeling being and not an inanimate object, which you can make to run your commands automatically. Dogs owners are often irritated if the dog can't understand for a long time what is it needed to do. Though it is unfair to be angry with the dog, which doesn't understand what the owner want from her.

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It's a very good exercise to try to be in the dog's skin, to reverse roles. Remember that dogs feel themselves not very well or can be in a bad mood as well as people. This should be considered by the owner before starting dog training. Of course, dogs' feelings are not so deep as humans', but their mental state influences learning ability. If the dog works badly and unwillingly once, try to understand why, only this way you will get to know how to change a situation. Dogs are incredibly honest, they will surely show that can't work being frightened, confused or feeling unwell. Your task is to understand your pet and to change things.

Communication is a two-sided process.

Communication is a very important part of your relations. The dog should understand you. Misunderstanding in communication upsets both the owner and the dog. It's perfectly plain to the dog what it does right with a help of positive reinforcement. Positive dog training gives the dog a chance to try doing different actions, to understand what actions are correct and what aren't, and to study on its own mistakes.

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You have also to understand the dog's language. Every dog owner should learn it. The majority of dogs shows their owners when they are upset or pleased, excited or weakened, are under the influence of a stress or in a good mood. It is important to learn to distinguish these signals and to respond to them correctly.

Keep Up Working.

Positive reward dog training demands time and efforts. Forming of the relations - too. Some dogs are trained easier, others – more difficult. If you're partners with your dog, you will surely pass through all difficulties together and you both will find the simplest and the most pleasant way to build excellent relations and learn to work in team.

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