Dryland Dog Racing

Snowless Dog Sledding

Dryland combines snowless kinds of sports with sled dogs. Dryland dog sled racing appeared as the way of sled dogs training at summer to keep them in good shape the year round. Nowadays dryland is so popular that summer disciplines became separate, and nevertheless not all of them are recognized, trials are run in many countries.

Dryland Dog Racing

Nylon Harness for Dryland Dog Training

Kinds of Sled Dog Sports without Snow

Dryland is an excellent way to satisfy dog need in physical loads and to keep it up.

Bikejoring is riding a bike when the harnessed dog pulls the participant.

Canicross is running with the dog, when it is attached to the participant's waist belt with special bungee cord.

Dog carting is a sport when the dog pulls three- or four-wheel cart with the participant in it.

Dog scootering is a kind of activity when the participant riding kick scooter and one or two dogs pull it.

Canicross and bikejoring are official dog sports, the others are hobby-sports.

Dryland Requirements

Requirements for summer dog sports are different, but some of them are general.

Dryland Dog Sledding

Leather Dog Harness for Bikejoring

Participants that aged 16 and older are allowed to compete, except for canicross, where children can take part because it is the safest sport among all the disciplines, mentioned above.

Dogs aged 12 months are allowed to trials, for bikejoring – aged 18 months.

Breed is of no importance, the main thing is the dog should like running and to be strong enough.

Dobermans, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Dalmatians, Giant Schnauzers, even Dogues, Spaniels and German Badger Dogs take part in trials apart from sled dogs.


Sled dog collar, sled dog harness, bungee cord (gangline) and snap hook are needed for participation in dog trials.

Dryland Dog Sledding UK

Mutlipurpose Nylon Harness for Dryland Activities

Bike, cart and scooter should also be equipped with devices to avoid gangline getting into a wheel.

Participants are allowed to compete only being with helmets, except for canicross. Such safety gear as glasses, gloves and protection pads are required, but not always.

Dryland Sled Dog Training

Dogs and handlers are trained not on a sealed road. Earthy track, wood trail or parkway is ideal for training.

Dogs' overheating risk is raised in summer, that is why it's better to train and to compete at a temperature of not exceeding 16 deg. and at 18 deg. above zero in exceptional cases.

The length of the distance depends on the competition level, there again the distance is usually 2-8 km because of overheating risk. Short-distance trails are run for sports fans.

Dryland Dog Sled Racing

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Dog training should be directed to maximum result of speed endurance achievement regardless of the distance.

The important requirement of training is the dog's attitude, in other words the canine should feel good, show the desire to train.

Gradual loads increasing is also important, otherwise tiredness will become the reason of dog's interest losing in training and risk of traumatizing.

Dog supplies for dryland and sled training, click on the pictures!

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