TOP 10 Dog Accessories for Handlers and Dog-Fanciers

TOP Ten Dog Accessories for Dog-Fanciers and Handlers

Nowadays many beginners in dog breeding, dog keeping and handling face with the matter regarding what dog accessories to choose best, what set of dog supplies will be the most corresponding to daily needs to save time and money: to buy such most qualitative products with the great price that they will not be scattered all over.
Our research is based on the products that are bought by our customers. First of all it should be said that we are the representatives of world famous dog training products company, called Fordogtrainers in the United Kingdom. Many UK trainers and breeders buy our products, because of their high quality and our producer's prices.
So let's start.  First of all, the dog muzzles:

top ten dog accessories M4 Universal Wire Muzzle

This is a wire metal muzzle, comfortable and convenient for the dog. Made of nickel-plated steel wire, it ensures good ventilation and minimal weight. Available in several sizes for large breeds, medium and small breeds.
Wire dog muzzle UK, Universal Dog Breeds MuzzleWire Dog Muzzle for Black Russian Terrier | Basket Dog Muzzle UKWire dog muzzle UK, Universal Dog Breeds MuzzleWire dog muzzle UK, Universal Dog Breeds Muzzle

top 10 accessories M41 Universal Leather Muzzle

This dog muzzle is popular due to its light weight, simplicity, and a wide spectrum of use. This leather muzzle is a comfortable and universal model for all breeds of dogs. It is available in several sizes: for small dogs, as well as for large dogs.

Leather Dog Muzzle for Every Dog Breed | Dog Muzzles UK

Leather Dog Muzzle for Every Dog Breed | Dog Muzzles UKLeather Dog Muzzle for Every Dog Breed | Dog Muzzles UKLeather Dog Muzzle for Every Dog Breed | Dog Muzzles UK

top ten dog articles H6 Universal Training Nylon Harness

It is a multifunctional harness for training, walking and working with your companion. The advantages of this dog harnesses are lightness, comfort construction and classic design.

Nylon dog harness multi-purpose for tracking/pulling, BestsellerOld English Bulldog Harness UK | Nylon Harness for BulldogBlack Russian Terrier Multi-Purpose Nylon Harness 2013 UKBull Terrier Harness for Tracking/Pulling, Nylon Harness

top ten uk dog items H17 Universal Multiadjustable Nylon Harness

In the creation of this dog harness our specialists from cynological police units took an active part. The unique design makes the harness maximum functional in its use.

Nylon Dog Harness UK | K9 Dog Harness Best ControlNylon Dog Harness for English Bulldog Training, Walking, PullingPitbull Harness UK, Nylon Dog Harness for Pitbull Easy TrainingEnglish Bull Terrier Harness - Working, Training, Walking, Sport

top ten dog accessories uk H1 Agiation Training Leather Harness with padding applied by many Schutzhund training professionals

The particularity of this model dog harness is that it is appropriate for everyday work, as well as for special tasks. These multitasking harnesses can withstand the heavy load, they are intended for intense workouts or training to attack.

Leather Dog Harness with Handle UK for Protection Dogs!Protection Dog Harness for German Shepherd | Padded Dog HarnessProtection Dog Harness for West Siberian Laika | Safety HarnessProtection Dog Harness for Attack/Agitation Boxer Training

uk top ten dog accessories H10 Leather dog harness with padding for agitation and other types of training, more luxury model than H1 previous padded harness

This harness is specially created for the working dog and intended for large loads. It allows the dog to breathe freely and allows you to control your furry friend without any problem. Luxury padded harness with wonderful brass top quality hardware!

Padded Dog Harness UK, Exclusive HandcraftedPadded Leather Dog Harness for Neo Mastiff, Large Dog Harness UKPadded Leather Dog Harness for West Siberian Laika, Soft HarnessRottweiler Harness, Leather Dog Harness for Rottweiler Training
As for the leashes:

dog accessories UK top Leather Leash 3/4 inch (20 mm) wideLeather Dog Leash UK with Braids Decoration

We manufactured the Universal leather leash for all daily activities with the dog. You can use it as a leash walk, training leash, leash for exercise and training your dog.

As for the collars
top ten accessories for dogs uk  Universal leather padded dog collar C43

This quality collar is chic and both very functional! The important detail about the comfort leather collar is the nappa leather padding. Among its core benefits: this fancy collar is multifunctional and universal in use.

Handmade Dog Collar with Nappa Padding & Braided DecorationRoyal Dog Collar for Newfoundland | Leather Dog Collar PaddedRoyal Dog Collar for German Shepherd | Soft Padded Dog CollarRoyal Dog Collar Nappa Padded Leather for Belgian Shepherd

As for dog toys for initial and usual training:

top ten uk dog items TT1 ball, solid rubber, 2 1/3 inches (6 cm) diameter

Made of high quality rubber this ball for dogs is resistant to the teeth of the animal. Long practical rope helps to control the training and maneuver during exercises.

Solid Rubber Ball for Dogs | Ball 2015Solid Rubber Ball for Dogs | Ball 2015Solid Rubber Ball for Dogs | Ball 2015Solid Rubber Ball for Dogs | Ball 2015

top ten dog toys uk TT5 dog ball, 2 3/4 inch (7 cm) diameter

Hard Rubber Ball on Rope, Solid Rubber Dog Ball for Dog TrainingHard Rubber Ball on Rope, Solid Rubber Dog Ball for Dog TrainingHard Rubber Ball on Rope, Solid Rubber Dog Ball for Dog TrainingHard Rubber Ball on Rope, Solid Rubber Dog Ball for Dog Training

Hard Rubber Dog Ball on Rope for Dog Games and Training. This toy of solid rubber on a rope is designed to bring more fun to the leisure hours with your dog. Made of solid rubber, this ball is indestructible. Perfect for games with the big puppy, young or adult dog.

All these required dog accessories are bought directly in our shop. We wish you great results and success with your dogs! Apply to us by E-Mail or write us on Facebook. Our experts in dog training are always ready to assist you in choosing the best dog accessories for your dog. If you need any recommendations, we are mostly open to all requests! All our dog accessories are shipped internationally, the quote:1. Registered Mail lasts for 6-17  business days  for you and costs 5.9 GBP2. EMS-Express shipping lasts usually for you for 4-6 business days and costs 17 GBP. With online tracking info. For this option, please apply directly and one should pay additionally appr. 17 GBP for this service. Apply to us please to pay the shipping price difference.


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