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Our online dog store offers top-quality Husky supplies:

  • Why should you buy at our shop? We have own production with more than 20-years experience. We pay individual attention to your Husky and have international shipping.
  • You can choose here the best Husky harnesses, collars and other gear for a variety of dog activities.
  • We ship all over the world. You can always return or exchange the product that doesn't fit your dog. Need some advice, or have any questions? Contact us and our support team will solve your problem surprisingly quickly!
  • We have flexible discount system and special offers for our loyal customers, retailers and distributors. There is free products test for our wholesale customers when order payment is done. Personal support is provided for every client.

5 of 5 Stars!Hi Julia.....Harnesses and Leads arrived on Monday.....They are great and the Huskies love them....really good quality and dogs are happy when going for walkies.... Thankawooooooooooooooo from Dressie and Blade xx (photo attached). Regards. Ciaran, UK
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Husky is a very active dog, which is used in sled dog racing, skijoring, hiking, carting, bikejoring, scootering and other types of sports. So if you're fond of workouts and outdoor activities, then Husky will become your best companion! Be sure, your every travel will be full of adventures with such an energetic dog as Husky!

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Husky Harness and Lead

Cheerful Huskies Will Always Bring You a Good Mood!

Husky is a free-spirited dog, but it's good-natured with everyone. Maybe, it's not a guard dog by its temper, but it is a devoted friend, which will never give you a dull moment! Remember, Husky is full of energy, that is why you have to be ready for long-time outdoor activities, especially in cold weather, otherwise the lack of physical and mental activities can destruct the dog. Are you a man of activity? Then Husky is a great choice for you!

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Dog Harness and Leash

Be Ready for Active and Joyful Pastime with Huskies!

Our harnesses and natural leather dog collars UK for Husky are extra durable to resistant to hard loads of your strong dog. All Husky gear in our dog shop is designed together with experienced dog trainers and breeders so they are perfect for dog walking and training. Moreover, they will satisfy even the most demanding customer. The pictures of products do not convey their real beauty and quality. Your dog has to try our dog harness and natural leather dog collar UK. Customers' satisfaction is our main point.

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Natural Leather Dog Collar UK

Natural Leather Dog Collar UK Looks Cool on Husky

All our Husky harnesses are applied for many types of Husky sports activities and safe, pleasant walks. Each leather dog harness and nylon dog harness will serve your pet for a long time. So it is super investment in your dog. First, because we use selected natural leather when produce our Husky harnesses that is why they are safe for dog health. Second, these dog harnesses are super strong. If you need Husky harness that will keep its original form and won't spoil at wet weather and even after contact with water, then choose nylon dog harness. Third, all Husky harnesses are so beautifully done that you will be highly surprised when you see how the harness differentiates in the better way from the picture online.

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Natural Leather Dog Collar UK

Natural Leather Dog Collar UK with Azure Stones for Husky

There are also various dog harness constructions intended for a certain dog's age and different purposes. If you have a Husky puppy over 6-10 months, then choose a puppy harness in order not to do harm its unformed skeleton. If your dog is engaged in sport activities you'll need a dog sport harness. Such a harness has a special construction and light weight not to hinder the dog's movements, but to help it to make progress in its exercising. And if you are going to visit a dog show with your Husky you won't go without a designer dog harness that will help you to show off beauty of your champion!

You can learn more information in our article about different kinds of dog harnesses.

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Natural Leather Dog Collar UK

Elegant Natural Leather Dog Collar UK with Brass Pyramids for Husky

And what about natural leather dog collars UK for Husky? Why does your Husky need natural leather dog collar UK? For safe dog handling and control - will be our answer. It's truth. But why there are so many variants of these accessories? Because natural leather dog collar UK is not only a control device, but also an item to emphasize the dog's beauty, to create its unique style.

Dog owners want their pets to be in fashion too that is why our designers make fashionable natural leather dog collars UK so that your Husky could be in trend. Every natural leather dog collar UK is made by hands of our craftsmen. We use only safe and high-quality materials for our natural leather dog collars UK. Your Husky will look like a million dollars when walking or training with natural leather dog collar UK you've chosen in our online dog store!

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Natural Leather Dog Collar UK

Husky with Natural Leather Dog Collar UK in Vintage

How to buy a dog harness (collar, muzzle and other supplies) online and to have no doubts that you will get the best size of the product you have chosen?

It's very easy! All that you need is to follow our advice:

1. Measure your dog using the instruction for harness, collar or muzzle sizing.

2. Fill all the measurements you got in the attributes at the top of the page.

3. Contact us via our e-mail if the product doesn't fit your dog or you have any other questions. Our support team is always ready to give answers to your questions and to exchange the products for more suitable ones. We will help you to choose and order the best equipment in our online dog store!

See our latest collection of natural leather dog collars UK for your Husky.

Natural Leather Dog Collar UK Natural Leather Dog Collar UK Natural Leather Dog Collar UK

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Thin Leather Braided Collar on Charming Husky

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